Remember Sammie? He’s All Grown Up

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

    You remember lil Sammie right? That 12-year old kid that dropped that hit single “I Like It” back in 2000? Well he’s back, now 18, with a new album set to drop on Dallas Austin’s Rowdy Records. Expect production from Austin, Jazze Pha, Bryan Michael Cox, Dre & Vidal and Darn Jones, but don’t expect any “kiddie” songs for the teeny boppers.

    "Its a mature sound, I’m 18, so you know it’s going to be a lot different from when I was 12 and 13,” Sammie said in a statement. “This is like my baby, real personal to me. It’s about discretion, expansions throughout high school; I even went through the whole break up thing which helped me to become a better song writer. From the top to bottom it’s a solid album. I’m really trying to bring singing back to the industry. I do think that R&B has gotten a little too cute. It’s all about the looks now. You should be able hold a note, that’s the way it used to be. This album I think is going to define that and is going to let people know what I’ve been going through the past 5 years of my life."

    The album also features appearances from Sean Paul (of the Youngbloodz) and hits stores on October 10, 2006.


  1. Yea, Sammie was a hit, to be honest I never lost memory of the video’s he dropped and features he was in duing the early half of the decade.

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