Remy Ma Sends Crew to Jump Witness’ Boyfriend

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

       According to, Remy Ma is getting in deeper and deeper ish with the law. On August 19, Remy was allegedly at Players Club in the Bronx when she saw the boyfriend of a possible witness in her case where she is accused of shooting her friend for stealing $2,000 from her. Remy then allegedly sent her crew over the man to rough him up. He left the club with a fractured face and spent a week in the hospital.

      Manhattan DA spokesman Edison Alban told that Remy is now facing charges of gang assault, tampering with a witness, intimidating a victim and third-degree assault in addition to her assault and weapons charges from the shooting incident. She was released on $250,000 bail, had to hand over her passport, and will be back in court September 20 to review her bail privileges.


  1. i feel wat she did was sumwat rite and at the same time it waz wrong if she kno that she already had chages!! y the fuk would you chatch more chargez u gonna serve sum time mizz NY!.. but at the same that iu would of did the same shit! ya fuken friend stealing from you!

  2. Can Ya’ll say dumb as fuck… Say it wit me now. DUMB AS FUCK! Why you trippin over 2 stack when all you rap about is what you got?…lol Just lets us know you really ain’t got it! Who in they right mind is going to go to prison over 2 stacks…lmao Stop it…lol

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