Remy Ma’s Wedding Called Off

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      The wedding was abruptly called off yesterday when Papoose showed up with a  a handcuff key.

"A wedding was scheduled today and a visitor to that wedding service was found to be in possession of jail contraband so the wedding was canceled," a correction official told the Daily News.

"The key that was found today easily opened handcuffs that we and other law enforcement officials use," the official said.

      Now the 29-year-old Brooklyn-born Papoose – real name Shamele Mackie – won’t be able to see his fiancée until November.



  1. What!? huh? how did they find this lil ass key? why was the weddin called off cuz of a key…huh?WTF? Was it called off for the Key or cuz it was a SAME SEX MARRIAGE? Remy should have a “N” at the end of her name and paps a bitch so maybe not

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