Rex Ryan, Kerry Rhodes, Jets Threaten To Embarrass Patriots

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jetsThe New York Jets have made some strong statements about Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in anticipation of their upcoming grudge match this Sunday at Giants Stadium.  The Patriots have beaten the Jets 13 of the last 19 times they’ve met, and eight straight times at Giants Stadium, a number new head coach Rex Ryan is looking to stop from getting any bigger.  While Coach Ryan has tried to rev up the Jets fan base about the upcoming division battle by calling season ticket holders with inspirational words, Free Safety Kerry Rhodes has gone as far as saying that the Jets plan on flat out embarrassing the Pats

“You go out from the first quarter on, from the first play on, and try to embarrass them…Not just go out there and try to win, try to embarrass them. Try to make them feel bad when they leave here. We don’t want to just beat them. We want to send a message to them, ‘We’re not backing down from you and we expect to win this game, and it’s not going to be luck, it’s not going to be a mistake.’ “

This is the kind of fire I like hearing from the Jets, who have came out of the gate running with an impressive victory on opening weekend which saw their defense give up a total of ZERO total points.  How this weekend’s game pans out, we’ll see on Sunday, but props to the Jets for finally showing that they know how to talk some shit too, all they have to do now is back it up.

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  1. …and, of course (after I jinxed em), fucking Pats loose. Ah well, it is the Jets after all. And 13 wins over that team says enuff… Jets are doing real well though, so far…

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