Rhymefest Takes Hip-Hop to the House of Commons

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By: Rizoh


      Chicago rapper Rhymefest (born Ché Smith) recently joined Conservative U.K. leader David Cameron for a cup of tea at the House of Commons. Rhymefest was on a mission to convince the Tory Party chieftain that hip-hop entails much more than guns and knives.

      In June, Cameron blasted rap music by saying that it "encourages people to carry guns and knives." Rhymefest then wrote to the Tory leader, and requested to discuss hip-hop with him over a cup of tea.



After the meeting, ‘Fest had some kind words for Cameron: "David told me what his issues were and I told him what my issues were with what could be perceived in what he was saying and we came to what I believe was an understanding."

      Similarly, Mr Cameron echoed the favorable outcome of the meeting. "I had a very positive meeting with Rhymefest and Sony BMG today and I am keen to work with them in developing the idea of a project which harnesses the tremendous cultural power of artists and the music industry to support community radio and local music projects around the country," he said.

      Homegrown opinion on the meeting wasn’t purely positive. British rapper Braintax told BBC News: "Rhymefest is from Chicago. Surely David Cameron should be talking to people from this country."

      Earlier in July, Rhymefest released his major label debut, Blue Collar, via Allido/J Records