Rick Ross and Foxy A Couple !

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     Yep , after working in the studio together the two have sparked fire and are dating.       

"They are in fact a couple. Rick Ross swept her off of her feet and this is gonna (be) the next big hip-hop couple. They both are in love."



  1. just tryn 2 max their expose, all 4 da love of money. They know what they doin, hell nelly/ahanti, jay/beonce, wayne/trina….ooh no she single again

  2. if it’s real witch i dont doubt i mean ppl fall in love for different reason if they r happy then i dont have a problem shit dont have a problem if they aren’t… but rock on get it how u live

  3. I feel like datsz a gud match up. 2 hood carribien rappah’s. Its funny cause foxxy might have deh upper hand in rappin’ lol. But all in all hope dat last n 4 de hater’s stop suqqin wild diqq. 1

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