Rick Ross On Getting Lit & Broads Who Drink His Sweat!

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This interview the Boss did the Rolling Stone was classic.  The Rick Ross persona is just untouchable.  Always stays in character.  Check out the whole interview, but I wanted to highlight some key points.

Wayne’s parole stipulates no booze or drugs. Does that apply to everybody backstage?

Yeah, and we respect his conditions. It’s all good. You’ve always got before the show and after the show. So before you go into that venue, you have to have your mind right [laughs]. People may have speculated a certain amount of things would have gone wrong on the tour, but it’s all been very smooth.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen, looking into the audience?
I’d just done a 45-minute show and I took my shirt off and threw it into the audience. A woman caught it and she started wringing it out into her mouth…

You called your 2008 album “Trilla” — did you ever meet Michael Jackson?
No, but what’s crazy is, the day that he passed away, I was in L.A. I heard the news on the radio and I told my driver, “Yo, I know where his house is at, take me over there.” By the time I got there, a crowd was already gathering. I rolled some of that PR 80 — L.A.’s finest — I cracked the window and I smoked one for the king.

What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without getting stoned?
A flight to South Africa. Whatever that is, 12 or 14 hours.