Rihanna: Exposed! (Pictorial)

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Rihanna is still a hot topic in 2010, Rihanna’s cover story in W Magazine explains a lot, some things we knew and some things we, well I didnt:

She has a total of 13 tattoos.
The most recent “Never a Failure, Always A Lesson” is written backwards on her collar bone so that she can read it in the mirror

The producer who discovered Rihanna was shocked by her last album
“I have to admit, it was a bit of a shock the first time I heard all the songs. When I first met her, she was painfully shy. “This album was sort of like hearing your daughter using profanity for the first time. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t have concerns about how her core audience would react.”

Chris only beat her once but the relationship was controlling

“There were control issues, insecurity. When people are insecure they become very controlling and they can get very aggressive and in turn abusive. It doesn’t have to be physical. Like they would say bad stuff to you to make you feel lesser than them just so they would have control in the relationship. It takes a big toll on your emotions and on your everyday life. It changes you.”

Saturday Night Live’s Parody on Tiger Woods’ Getting Beat By His Wife Didn’t Offend Her:

Violence should of course be avoided at any cost, but Saturday Night Live is a show that finds humor in every serious situation, so it wasn’t offensive to me in any way

She still has a hard time listening to songs that remind her of Chris:

“It’s still hard to listen to certain songs,” she admits. “Certain ones I couldn’t even record—I’d keep pushing them back [on the schedule]. [One song in particular called] “The Last Song,” it has lyrics that read like the final goodbye to a great love. “When the label finally said we had 12 hours to turn in the album, I was like, Okay, I have to do it. I just drank some red wine, dimmed the lights, got in the booth and sang it.”

With All That She’s Been Through this year, She still doesn’t wish for a quiet life in Barbados:

“Oh no, I never fantasize about that,” she says without hesitation. “Because if I were back there, I know I’d be fantasizing about all this.”3d-couch-1920-1200-38962