R.Kelly and Michael Jackson Vs. Jay-Z

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By: Rizoh

      It’s mo’ money mo’ problems for Jay-Z these days. Michael Jackson and R. Kelly are leading a tea of a dozen music publishers that have merged forces to sue Hov’s 40/40 Club for “unauthorized public performance of musical compositions.” That’s legal jibberish for playing music at a club without paying proper royalties.

       The lawsuit was filed yesterday in Manhattan federal court by Broadcast Music Inc., which led the charge on behalf of Wacko Jacko and many other artists and music publishing companies. The artists are seeking damages for copyright infringement from the 40/40 club. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and and club co-owners Desiree Gonzalez and Juan Perez were named in the suit.

      Sounds like Kells is still salty about that Best of Both Worlds fallout?


  1. Two child molesters hatin’ on Hov. I guess R can’t find any more teenage girls to pee on & Mike don’t have anymore little naked white boys to have a sleepover with. So now they wanna sue Hov.I know R needs the money to pay his lawyers to push back his court dates.And Mike is just broke.

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