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      Robert Curry of Day 26 and his ex girlfriend now fiancée June Bug are supposedly engaged.   Congrats!


  1. Da nigga from Detroit and D nigga’s do what da fuck dey want even if it is gay or not he from Rock City Detroit Baby Hate it Love it or Leave it alone Bitch ass nigga’s. oh yeah Fuck dat nigga puff should of put me in a shinny suit and gave me a curl. I could of made dat nigga richer den he already is.

  2. yeah i dont think that is a good ideal you just broke into the game and you trying to get married you better rethink this one? I thought was your friend!?!??

  3. handle yo biz homie,every nigga dat get a lil exposure run ton a industry hoe,keep dat one thats been down from DAY 1,becuz by Day 26 dat fat ass nigga in da group gon be hittin dat ass on da low

  4. i fucks wit dollabill5 313 niggas representin n yall can call em wat u want he gettin paid n u typin bout em which is better? but after all that y she say yea when she the same bitch he was denyin wen d-woods found her on myspace?

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