Rock It Or Drop It: Capo’s New Cut

11 years ago view-show 6,116,022

So Jim Jones finally wised up and cut off his braids! But… now I just have another problem with his hair. It doesn’t suit him. The curls are not for everyone, but they sure do look a lot better than his always-fuzzy cornrows.

He even tweeted about his look, hyping it up like everything he does: “Get a good look at th bad guy this th last time u see a bad guy look this good#SPOOKY #vampirelife #CAPOI don’t see (from any angle) how this looks good! I do think this sudden change was probably to attract people to his album as well as clean up his look for a trail he’s currently battling.

Some say his change was also fueled by his steps towards marriage. However, I agree with Necole, a fade would have been a better choice, but who knows maybe he’ll come with a song about S-curls.