Ron Artest Wants To Be Suspended

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meanartestRon Artest is an idiot.  Let me start out by saying, I’m a huge Artest fan.  I always have been.  I’m a St. John’s fan, and I watched him dominate the Big East and lead St. John’s to a 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament as a kid.  Since coming into the NBA, this guy is basically BEGGING to be in trouble.  Often, he is successful (see his crowd fighting antics, his flagrantly gangsta rap, and his beef with Kobe before joining the Lakers).  Today, though, Artest is truly an idiot.  In an interview with a Sporting News reporter, Artest admitted to drinking alcohol during halftime of NBA games while he was on the Bulls in his first three seasons, as well as  smoking marijuana during the season.  Below are some excerpts from the interview:


“I used to drink Hennessy … at halftime…I [kept it] in my locker. I’d just walk to the liquor store and get it.”

“When I was a 19-year-old father, whew. I was a single pimp! I was wild…A lot of marijuana and alcohol — even before [that age]. … I [still] party and I have fun, but not like I used to. I used to drink every night and party every night.”


SERIOUSLY what a moron.  Why even say anything about this to a news reporter, let alone Sporting News!?!?  Dude wants to be suspended so badly, it’s a joke.  He always needs to mess things up, even after coming to the World Champion Los Angeles Lakers, he still feels the need to run his mouth.  Just keep your mouth shut, and play your brand of basketball.  When he doesn’t have all of this off court drama surrounding him, he’s one of the most electric player in the NBA, on both ends of the court.  Two words to Ron Artest: Shut Up.