Ross To Pull An Eminem?

12 years ago view-show 1,029,996

The “Biggest Boss” in the game plans to re-release his critically successful summer album, Teflon Don.  Following in the footsteps of recent successful repackages such as Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…Part 2 Gold Edition and Eminem’s Relapse: Refill, Rozay took to Twitter to announce that he’s in negotiations with Def Jam to re-release the album which has been in stores for less than three months.  As of now, there are no new guest appearances announced for Teflon Don’s re-release, but the album is slated to hit shelves once again in November with a few additional tracks.


Clearly this is Ricky and Def Jam’s attempt to push Teflon Don past gold certification.  As of today the album has sold roughly over 400,000 copies, meaning that it’s 100,000 short of any RIAA certification.  As crazy as that may sound to casual rap fans, considering Ross’ name is mentioned in nearly every mainstream rap conversation, it’s not appalling.  Assumingly, a least a million people have copped Teflon Don between legitimate retail and digital purchases and of course good old illegal downloads.    For Ross’ sake, I hope his live appearances are paying well because copping chains of yourself wearing a chain when you haven’t even gone gold is pretty ridiculous, but then again, I’m not exactly qualified to tell anyone how to handle their finances.