Russ Addresses Haters on “Think Twice”

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His first non-self-produced track.

DIY pioneer Russ ignited some Twitter controversy the other night when he posted a picture of him wearing a t-shirt that said, “How much xans and lean do you have to do before you realize you’re a fucking loser.” Naturally a touchy subject for those addicted, Russ fielded divisive responses finding people in his corner and others deeply offended. But if one thing about Russ has become apparent during his impressive come-up, it’s that he doesn’t care what you think. Yesterday, he released a song that institutionalized this sentiment.

“Think Twice” addresses Russ’ inability to retard his opinions to appease the public. This song is momentous not only for the content discussed, but it marks the first non-Russ-produced beat in his deep repertoire—he received the blessing from Grammy winner, Scott Storch. Trading in Russ’ usual production style for a more minimalist trap instrumental, this beat finds Russ stretching his artistry to be more musically inclusive. The content however, doesn’t stray from Russ’ norm.

Part of his allure that has resulted in one of music’s most cult fanbases is his penchant for always sticking to his convictions regardless of how they might be received. Specifically calling out rappers for perpetuating drug addiction, Russ states on the outro, “These junkie ass rappers basing brands off of drug addiction And I’m the bad guy for calling it out? / You the one who got kids od’ing tryna be like you / And I’m the bad guy for calling it out?” Additionally, he takes shots at those dragging his name through the mud, like Everyday Struggle co-host, Joe Budden, did the episode following Russ’ guest appearance by saying, “This ain’t no average Joe shit, this is everyday Russell / Joe got a day job, that’s an everyday struggle.”

A man who has his eyes set on whatever he wants, Russ always keeps it real. Borrowing a fiercely independent mentality akin to Eminem, you can hear Russ channeling his inner Shady, “And If I offended you, I still don’t give a fuck”.

Stream “Think Twice” below now: