Russ Takes Aim at Haters on “Sore Losers”

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Consistent with his past, Russ doesn’t mince words.

Atlanta transplant by way of New Jersey, Russ, has never been one to muffle his opinion; this brash, unapologetic approach has been a tributary to his fearless identity. The self-proclaimed DIY king, Russ handles every facet of his musical curation process–from the mixing to the lyrics, Russ is responsible. With all of this success derived from his sole efforts and identity adherence, Russ has developed a chip on his shoulder while loudly disapproving of popular hip-hop trends.

Unhappy with his unfiltered views, hip-hop members like Lil Pump and Metro Boomin’ have voiced their displeasure for the There’s Really A Wolf rapper. But again, Russ doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Doubling-down on that notion, Russ recently dropped off a new track and video for, “Sore Loser”.

Taking aim at those slandering his name while boasting his tangible accomplishments, Russ can be seen hanging out at a swanky mansion with his close friends doing what they love the most: making music. In a way, the video’s simplicity represents Russ’ bare bones approach to success: work hard at your craft, work at it some more, perfect it, and share it with the world. As a man who spent nine difficult years perfecting his craft before receiving notoriety, Russ is well-accustomed to patience’s virtuosity. 

Watch “Sore Loser” below: