Russell Simmons Wants Us All To Get Along…

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Below is a picture of Russell Simmons downtown NYC apartment.  The NY Daily News caught up with Russell about it’s significance.

  • I hope some yogi sees om. I hope that some Christian sees the cross. I hope that some Jewish person sees Star of David. I want people to see their images,” Simmons said. “That’s the idea to coexist and to learn to love each other.“Three other windows are emblazoned with slogans:”MARK 12:31,” a reference to the “love thy neighbor” Bible verse; “USA = FREE,” and “IT’S THE LAW.”Simmons supports the proposal for a mosque and community center two blocks from Ground Zero.

    I’m appalled that there’s even a dialogue about it…Roughly two billion muslims in the world did not attack us,” he said.

    America is using the mosque and Ground Zero as a mask for its own Islamophia.

I have to co-sign this stance, even if putting up some paper signs accomplishes little.  Also why does Russell have to force Yoga on everyone all the time?  (side note: This idea came to existance while Russell was on his StairMaster, which I found comedic)

This whole mosque debate is retarded.  There is this little thing called the Constitution Of The United States which clearly states freedom of religion.  By banning this mosque the terrorists win in the humble opinion of this rap nerd.  But what do I know?