RZA Gets Down with Angela Bassett, Danny Glover

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By: Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      The RZA leaped into Hollywood by scoring films like Ghost Dog and Kill Bill, but now he’s starting to take the acting thing seriously as well. We’ve seen his acting chops in flicks like “Derailed” but now he’s been cast in “Gospel Hill”, a drama which also stars Danny Glover, Angela Bassett, Julia Stiles and Simon Baker. The film follows a former sheriff and former civil-rights activist who revisit the 30-year-old death of another civil rights worker.

      RZA also just finished filming “American Gangster” alongside Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe and fellow emcee Common. He’s also putting the finishing touches on “Life is Hot in Cracktown”, a drama of various stories of how crack cocaine has infiltrated the inner-city streets. Based on Buddy Giovinazzo’s novel, the film also stars Kerry Washington, Brandon Routh, and Mayte Garcia.


Master P to 50 Cent: “There are a Lot of Immature People in The World”

       During the BET Awards press conference last week, 50 Cent was defending his language and content in his music after reporters questioned him about it. When a reporter mentioned that Master P was going profanity-free with his new label Take a Stand Records, 50 responded saying,” Well, Master P does sell CD’s anymore.” Master P finally responded on Sunday with an open letter to 50 and the rest of the industry.

      “Curtis Jackson’s comment motivated me,” P wrote. “There are a lot of immature people in the world. Oprah Winfrey is absolutely right, we need to grow up and be responsible for our own actions. I paid for Curtis’s first rap tour through the south. He was such a humble guy at the time. Most artists’ mission is to sell records. My mission is to help save and change lives. There’s a lack of knowledge and false information out there. I could actually say Little Jay and Rap-A-Lot Records inspired my successful career and I will always respect them no matter what. I wrote the blueprint for this generation. The only difference is there’s no more honor and respect in the game.”

      Master P went on to say that not only is he going to spending time on making music, but will also make a couple of films, “Black Supaman” and “The Mail Man”, writing a book called “Guaranteed Success”, and teaching a hip-hop business class with financial expert Curtis Oakes. P also admits he was part of the hip-hop problem but wants to make a change.

      “There are four things that differentiate me from artists like Curtis Jackson,” P wrote. “One, I can honestly admit that I was once part of the problem. Two, I don’t want my son to grow up and be like me. I want him to be better and do better – and that is why he is taking the time to pursue a college degree. Three, money don’t make me, I make money. My goal is to educate our people in building generational wealth and knowing how important it is to own real estate. Four, I’m a TRUE entrepreneur; my boss is God not Jimmy Iovine.  From one brother to another, if you misunderstand my purpose you could always pick up the phone or talk to me in person. I’m trying to be part of the solution not the problem. The media thrives on entertaining, especially the negativity no matter what the cost. I’m praying for the brothers that are lost out there.”

      To read the letter in its entirety, check out http://qsviews.blogspot.com/2007/05/master-ps-open-letter-to-50-cent-and.html.