RZA on Wu: “Don’t Call It a Comeback”

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      It looks like the previously announced Wu-Tang album, “8 Diagrams”, might actually happen. The release date is set for September, some folks are saying August and other as early as July. They haven’t recorded an album as a collective in six years, but RZA recently told NME.com that nothing has changed.

      "This isn’t a comeback,” RZA told NME. “We never went anywhere in the first place, we were just working on various different projects and this is the first group album in six years and the first European Wu Tang tour featuring all members."

      The Wu are also scheduled to participate in the Rock the Bells tour slated for this summer, also something they haven’t done since before Ol Dirty Bastard’s death in 2004.

      "We still miss him every day,” RZA said about ODB. “It’s like you lost an arm or a leg, you feel incomplete. He was a very special person, like a very rare diamond. You know, it’s like you wake up one day and they’re saying: ‘There are not diamonds in the world anymore, just cubic zirconia…’."


  1. i loved when hip hop worked your mind as much as your body now a dayz you ask a kid about abc’s they have to think past d but when u tell them to walk it out they will do the dance step better than the one who created it …. thanks wu for coming out on this next collaboration finally some real fucking hip hop not that r&b (rappin Bullshit)……

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