Scott Storch and Jazz Cartier Preview New Music

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Scott Storch is back.

Scott Storch has had an interesting career. From being one of Hip Hop’s foundational producers, known for his wizardry behind the keys, which culminated in a peak $70MM net worth, to declaring bankruptcy resulting from drug abuse and an excessively lavish lifestyle, Scott is familiar with life’s extremes. However, it seems like he’s returning to the beauty and simplicity that initially attracted him to the game: the music.

Storch has helped indie sensation Russ over the past week with supplying his staple piano production for a slew of singles—amongst the first non-Russ-produced tracks. But helping rap’s young bloods didn’t stop with Russ. Yesterday, Storch released an IG preview of him and Jazz Cartier working in the studio, captioned by, “Storch is back with the mother fucking torch.”

It’s promising to see Scott back in his natural habitat, doing what he was put on this earth to do. Hopefully he can remain out of trouble, and focus on the music.

Watch Storch and Jazz do their thing in the below video: