Sean Kingston Begs for Booty, Gets Turned Down

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By: Rizoh

       An 18-year old girl named Becca has claimed that 17-year old singer Sean Kingston begged her for sex in his hotel room. Kingston was put on blast when the girl called up a Boston radio show with her story.

      “We were in his hotel room taking pictures. Next thing I know I’m getting pulled onto Sean Kingston’s lap.”  Things took a different turn after Becca turned him down.

      “He tells me he’s here to have a good time and he can get any girl he wants. He got real mad and called me an a**hole. He was like ‘I’m Sean Kingston; I’m here to have a good time.’ He kept repeating himself over and over.”

       Kingston later denied the girl’s version of the story, claiming that she’s a groupie.


  1. yo when I first saw this pic I thought this nig was a lesbian look at him nigga not beating shit but his own nuts that why hash brown’s

  2. Nah, yo im from boston and i heard it when it came on there was two girls that went to the hotel room with him and his hype man i guess and the girls friend called and explained but it was stupid

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