Sha Money XL Squashes Beef with 50 Cent

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By: Rizoh

      As quiet as it was kept, Sha Money XL has been at loggerheads with 50 Cent for the past eight months or so. Now the G-Unit president is saying he’s ready to put all the bickering behind him and make nice with his friends. He arrived at that decision after a meeting in which the crew discussed future plans for G-Unit.


“The whole squad was there,” Sha Money told MTV regarding the meeting. “G-Unit is back. Every beef is squashed.”


      Sha also clarified that he’s yet to be replaced with another president. “There is no replacement,” said Sha. “There’s 50 Cent. 50 Cent is the president and CEO of G-Unit. He’s not gonna replace anyone. He has to fix things himself now, outside of Chris Lighty (50’s manager), and Chris Lighty has a lot of responsibilities with Diddy and his other clients. There’s a lot of pressure. 50’s under a lot of pressure. But he’s really killing it. He’s doing what he got to do. It’s frustrating and I tried to tell him that’s the frustration I used to have. I’m one man, Interscope has 500 people. Some things you just can’t fix.”


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