Shhh…Boots Riley Has an Idea on How to End Iraq War

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By: Rizoh

      Rap activist and The Coup frontman Boots Riley has called on the hip-hop community to step up and contribute to the ever increasing anti-war sentiments. Boots  is encouraging hip-hoppers everywhere to download a Pick A Bigger Weapon track titled “Captain Sterlings Little Problem,” which features Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, for free and send it to everyone they know in the military. By doing so, Riley believes the G.I. dissent could prompt Congress to act more decisively.

      “I have this suggestion: the soldiers should demand to be returned home, using any means necessary to make this happen,” Boots writes.   “This would lead to a swift end to this war, saving countless lives, both U.S. and Iraqi… Congress hasn’t done more than give lip service to wanting the war to end. The people that are directly affected by this war are going to have to act.”

       Boots reports that “at one point a Pentagon report deemed half of the soldiers in Vietnam were ‘mutinous and not to be trusted’,” adding that “the largely unreported G.I. rebellions played a very important role in stopping the Vietnam war.”

Captain Sterling’s Little Problem” was originally recorded as the theme for “Sir! No Sir!,” David Zieger’s recent documentary of the Vietnam War.

“Captain Sterling’s Little Problem” and three other tracks from Pick a Bigger Weapon are available for download on COUP MUSIC 






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