#SitDown Suge Knight Caught Brawling In Casino…Again!

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Suge Knight’s no stranger to casino lobby brawls.  The night of 2Pac’s murder, Knight was caught on camera stomping out alleged Crip, Orlando Anderson, at the MGM Grand Hotel.  Similarly, Suge was filmed swinging wildly at an unknown opponent at Las Vegas’ Aria Hotel last Saturday.  TMZ reports “Suge flew off the handle when the little man approached him with a challenge … saying, ‘I can take you.‘”


You would think Suge has wised up by now.  In 2008, he was photographed getting knocked the f*ck out outside of a California club.  The following year, Knight was again knocked unconscious in Arizona.  Things didn’t get better for Suge, as last year Yukmouth publicized that Knight robbed and assaulted him and within months, Knight was arrested in an unrelated incident for waving a firearm at a motorist while driving his Escalade.  Did I mention that he was also arrested for beating his girlfriend and is currently involved in an ongoing battle with the government over several million dollars in back taxes?  That’s not to mention that he attempted to sue Kanye West after he was shot at Yeezy’s party in 2005.  Who gets shot at a Kanye West party?  He should be diversifying his bonds and not letting his tough guy persona precede him.  Suge Knight, it’s time for you to #SitDown!


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