Snoop at it again

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By:Hot Gossip Gal
Snoop was arrested YET AGAIN last night outside the NBC studios in LA where he had just been interviewed on Jay Leno. Obviously he was in possession of the typical generic things rappers like to roll with, weed and a firearm but there was supposed to be also some cocaine mixed in with the rest of the stash…hmmm maybe that album of his should be renamed White Powder Treatment as opposed to Blue Carpet Treatment. What were you thinking Dog?
On a side note though he has a great interview coming up in Rolling Stone which talks about requests made on him by the scary Daddy of the West Coast, Suge Knight and how his spiritual advisor while dealing
with the trauma of Suge and jail just happened to be The Bishop ‘Don’ Magic Juan. Is there a chance that that right there could make Dumb and Dumber next week. We shall wait and see.