Snoop Dogg: “F**k Bill O’Reilly!”

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By: Rizoh

      Fox News blabbermouth Bill O’Reilly is well known for his attacks on hip-hop and hip-hop artists. Now Snoop Dogg has joined the likes of Ludacris and Jay-Z in giving O’Reilly the middle finger.

      You may be wondering why Snoop is suddenly speaking out against the conservative Fox anchor. Well, last year O’Reilly suggested that Snoop be locked up in a specially built ‘doghouse’ for his negligence of the law. The Doggfather didn’t bite his tongue when responding to O’Reilly on a Dutch-based TV.

      “Man, f**k Bill O’Reilly,” Snoop retorted.

      “They don’t understand me. He doesn’t understand how his kids and family just love Snoop Dogg and he don’t really get it,” Snoop said. “So instead of having a one-on-one with me to better understand me, he’s bashing me in the media.”

     Asked whether he would appear on The O’Reilly Factor if invited, Snoop said:

“I’d love to go on his show, but we’d have to do it in my neighborhood though. So I can kick his muthaf**kin a**.”




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