Snoop Dogg Does It Raw

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When you think of wrestling you def do not think of Snoop Dogg but this Monday snoop will be joining WWE Raw, in a recent interview with MTV Snoop explained:

I’m going hard in the yard with the WWE,” said Snoop, who’s been an avid follower of wrestling since he was child. “I’m a big fan of wrestling. They want me to take over the show, so I’m going to take over the show and do what I do. In the meantime in-between time, I’m setting up the biggest match ever, Triple H versus John Cena. Oooh weee!”

When asked if he would in fact step inside the ring to participate in his own match, the Dogg father said that was a negative.

“I don’t do no fighting, baby — not me
,” he laughed.

Snoop does know how to fight, however. A couple of years back at “WrestleMania XXIV” in Orlando, Florida, the legendary rapper jumped in the ring and clothes lined Italian superstar Santino Marella. Hey with DMX joining MMA, could this be the latest trend for rappers?