Snoop in Sweden

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Rumors were flying yesterday that Snoop had been arrested in Sweden with a 23 year old young lady and with a small amount of something WE DO NOT GIVE TWO YEAR OLDS. The big homie Snoop wasn’t arrested but he was questioned and was then released according to his publicist…damn and i though it was a cat who had nine lives.

Oprah’s School
      Oprah’s school has been under fire lately, the school she opened in South Africa where she thinks kids will appreciate things a little more than the kids in her native America. Strict food guidelines and visiting for parents of the girls in the school are what has the people talking. Oprah is denying the allegations of running a strict school..but is she denying having had plastic surgery when you look at this pic? Damn she looks plastic here.


  1. Mrs Oprah knows whats best for those kids plus she has 40 million invested in them. It is only good business to make sure that those children benefit from that school. I just wish she would have used atleast 1% of that money in Chicago.

  2. Will i fill you, but Oprah has given twice that much to the black kids of chicago, but chicago is pretty fuckin big, but i still say she should have given it all to chicago..Big ups to Africa, but we still gotta are on backyard first..dont think for one minute Americans dont need that money and will do right to…African or American..what are you..I know where I was born

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