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Artist/Group Name






We’re from the SOUTH of GERMANY but let me say KARLSRUHE








Basically all kind of music but hip-hop-wise, the sound of East Coast underground, more specifically, Philly, like JEDI MIND TRICKS.  Also the artists named above and of course the old school mid-90’s boom-bap sound.




Everybody started with his own experience, listening to music, doing graff, throwin a jam or scratchin and spinnin. Since everybody was doin music we just helped each other out with production…so it became a natural movement to form the Snowgoons. It took a long time to work on our connection to the artists on this record and perfect the sound quality.  We’re proof that hard work pays off!


Current project


One thing we are very proud of it is that the album is 100% us. We are all cool with every artist and there is no made up shit like buying a verse for a big lump. We chose the title “German Lugers” cuz it stands for the powerful german handgun. We are not promoting violence but we are following the hip-hop rule to represent and strike. It was very important to give our project a main theme so catz can identify with us and our sound (also don’t mind a little controversy). The upcoming album features a veritable who’s who of today’s underground elite: Sean Price, Living Legends, Jus Allah, Chief Kamachi, Rasco, Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers, O.C., Wordsworth, Reef The Lost Cauze, MED, Virtuoso, Last Emperor, Doujah Raze, Born Unique, Celph Titled, Majik Most, Edo G, J. Sands, Baby Blak, Craig G, Breez Evahflowin’, Pumpkinhead of Brooklyn Academy & many more. 


I guess our bio says it best:

“A true showcase of the Snowgoons’ raw talent as well as an homage to their influences and predecessors, German Lugers highlights  the four-man production teams’ diverse range and varied aesthetic, from their roots in gritty Wu-Tang inflected beats to a fresh twist on the sped-up vocal sensibility that made Kanye West a household name.”




I would say everybody hopes to sell as many record as possible, but to us it’s not all about the money. We are more out to make our name a brand. A brand for real hip-hop. We all grew up with hip-hop music so we wanna keep the old school and 90’s flavor alive and ensure that the younger generation knows the roots of hip-hop. But, of course, we are open minded too and always open to new styles. 


Is hip-hop really dead?

A lot of heads are thinking hip-hop is about to die but as long as there are cats out like ourselves or great artists like these featured on our album, hip-hop will survive. People should stop crying about hip hop, they should start lookin’ to themselves and ask what they can do to revitalize it. There’s still a lot of dope music out there between all the bullshit. Get back to the roots and do some research. Hip-hop in 80’s or early 90’s didn’t need the internet. It was all about the communication on jams, parties and sessions.



Three wishes (If you had three wishes to change anything within hip-hop, what would they be? Bring someone back to life? Get a Kanye West beat? Make snap music disappear?):


We would love to see big l and big pun on stage again, working with NAS on an album and that more people appreciate the work of masterminds like PRIMO, PETE ROCK or mc´s like OC and EDO G just to name a few! One love