So…Meek Mill Is In Jail Again

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Just days after a heated exchange with label-mate Wale, South Philly rapper Meek Mill has been sentenced to jail time. Story after the jump.

A real text convo between me and a friend upon receipt of this damning news.

Me: ur boy meek mill just caught 3 to 6 months in county for violating probation.

Him: do it for Philly baby!

Me: after a long history of beanie sigels, meek here to carry on the legacy yaheard.

Him: peedi, gillie, ar, cassidy, oschino. EVERYBODY in philly does a joint and a half.


Common Pleas Judge Genece E. Brinkley yesterday found the lanky rapper in technical violation of his probation rules after a four-hour hearing, during which a laundry list of his bad behavior was aired.

And then the kicker:

Brinkley also noted that Williams, 27, failed to provide his probation officer with a working phone number, posted disparaging remarks on Twitter about the probation officer and the prosecutor assigned to his case, was “combative” and “disrespectful” to probation staffers during a May 15 meeting and posed for a picture posted on Instagram holding a gun while two other men also held guns.

“After all these years of me trying to help him move his career forward . . . I believe he is thumbing his nose at me and at the probation office,” said a frustrated Brinkley, who placed the rapper on probation in 2009 instead of sentencing him to five to 10 years in prison after a gun and drug-dealing conviction.

Meek Mill, birth name Robert Williams, done pissed off his PO. Thumbed his nose even. Nothing good can come of that. In an extended shoutout to the prison industrial complex, Judge Genece Brinkley sentenced the MMG soldier to a 3-to-6 month term PLUS five more years of probation.

Only in rap verses is doing a bid a romantic notion, a pledge of loyalty. Actually serving the time though? What a pain. Meek Mill had enough sense to avoid conflict with a probation officer, and to avoid putting pictures of himself on social media with the heaters. But he does like to rankle the system, meaning the district attorney and prosecutor get regular mentions in his songs.

Which lead to death threats, apparently.

To put it helium-light, an IG photoshoot with weapons was inopportune — at any time. While Meek has been regrouping for another album run, he’s also been marred by these mistakes. His outburst on Twitter was petty and public. The pressure of expectations has jostled his focus, and maybe he’d want to consider classes with all the yoga teachers Wale is dating. They might be better cohorts for a former felon.

Meek should be yelling on tracks, and soaking up studio time with R&B remixes. As LeBron would say, there’s no place like home. Unless jail is your home, ’cause then it starts to become your home. If Meek is as real as his raps proclaim, he needs to stick to what he said on “Burn“…and stop taking field trips to the pokey. First, Rick Ross doesn’t want to keep signing that permission slip. Second, MMG, as an outfit, is weaker when they’re short Meek. Although Wale and Ross do the most for the franchise, they aren’t nearly as relevant contenders without the Berks Street Banshee. He’s their Chris Bosh, just with less champagne.

When he goes away, we have to listen to that much more Stalley, and countless mixtapes have proven it’s a taxing exercise. Ross has to carry a bigger burden, too, maintaining the relationships he’s built so that Meek can tour, even though, this time around, he’ll miss concerts because of his offenses. That’s not good for a money music label that already invests tons of cash in promotion and needs to see immediate returns before Gunplay smokes up all of it.

Anyway, we wish it didn’t have be this. Meek will likely want to make this a short stint so he can get back to his worthy stage show. But his behavior of late indicates some angst and frustration with…someone or something. Here’s to brief stays and zero fights, Milly! We salute you but not your actions!

UPDATE: Rick Ross Responds To Meek Mill Arrest

I created MMG years ago, my desire was to create a space where the most talented artists in the world could be nurtured and supported. With that came a commitment. I vowed to support these artist, through the good and the bad.

Every individual signed to MMG is not just an artist, they are my family. And with family you ride, or you die. Yesterday, my brother, Meek Mill ran into some unfortunate legal issues. It happens. However, his team, our team, will continue to execute Meek’s plan as close to schedule as possible.

His album is coming. We ask that the fans and the media continue to support him and his music during this time. He’ll be home soon. ‘Dreams Are Worth More Than Money,’ and family is worth more than Everything. MMG FOR LIFE.