Solange Claims Discrimination After Altercation With Miami Police

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Talk about a wild weekend! Right before her sister publicly “announced” her pregnancy, Solange had gotten into an interesting run-in with Miami Police, which resulted in a drawn weapon and a series of angry tweets.

Solange exclusively tells E! News her side of the story:

She says that Knowles and two friends went to a club, where she somehow obtained a large balloon that they planned to give to a pal’s kid the next day.

They cabbed it to another night spot, where the bouncer informed them that they couldn’t take the balloon inside.

“They decided to go across the street to deflate the balloon, where they encountered two police officers who had casual, light-hearted conversation with them,” Knowles’ rep states. “One officer pulled out a switchblade and threatened to pop the balloon. They felt it was inappropriate, but the turning point happened when he then took out the switchblade a second time with the blade open and said to them, ‘I don’t find the humor in this, anymore.’ The blade was less than a couple feet away from Solange and her friends.”

Could Solange be pointing fingers and claiming to be a victim of discrimination? Or was she seriously causing as much of a raucous as the police state in previous reports.

“Ms. Knowles demeanor caused the officers to escort her across the street to further the conversation, where Ms. Knowles claims one of the officers pulled a ‘weapon’ on her, not a firearm, and threatened to deflate the banana,” says Det. Juan Sanchez

Cops also stated that Solange became unruly and that is why she was escorted across the street from the club. Without any specifics or details (of course!), Miami Police Cmdr. Delrish Moss issued this statement:

“Over the weekend, the lion’s share of the mainstream and entertainment media reported that the Miami Police Department had a confrontation with Solange Knowles, the sister of Beyoncé Knowles of record and movie fame. We have investigated and found that this incident DID NOT occur in our city.”

With all these different reports I can’t help but think everyone is taking part in the blame game. When clearly it could weigh on both Solange and the police: Solange displaying a bit of “liquor courage” AND the MBPD being irrational. Of all things, a huge inflated balloon causes all this commotion? There’s definitely more to what Solange is saying because her reports never claim a state of intoxication, which is deemed to be the cause of the weapon being pulled.  Whichever you look at it, you could almost call it hilarious, but Solange wouldn’t agree.