Soulja Boy Releases the “Cut Dat Check” Video

3 years ago view-show 620,136

The comeback tour continues.

Back like he never left, Soulja Boy has dropped yet another single and video today through Worldstar, “Cut Dat Check”.

Released on the heels of such 2019 tracks like “In My Pocket” and “Amiri”, the new Soulja doesn’t have a cryptic message–Soulja is as clear as he can be: cut the man his check. Cognizant that his recent resurgence will yield dividends for anyone investing on the Soulja Boy brand, the trendsetting artist knows his value, and wants to be paid accordingly.

The ceiling of Soulja’s new comeback is unknown, but what is undeniable is his ability to market himself. Soulja boy does something, the internet goes wild. He’s the definition of manifest destiny, and he simply just wants to be cut his check.

Watch “Cut Dat Check” below: