Soulja Boy Takes It Back To The Beginning On “Zip”

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Soulja keeps on tellin’ ’em.

For years, Soulja Boy has influenced a broad spectrum of creators — from the wide-eyed dreamers to the cemented stars. Soulja is an innovator, a disruptor, an achiever. He marches to the beat of his own drum, and doesn’t care to switch up the rhythmic pattern to appease the masses; he sets the trends. With a career spanning over 15-years, the Atlanta native is a legend.  

Days into the new year, Soulja kicked-off his 2021 campaign with his “Pandemic” single, which has now been followed by his latest offering, “Zip.” Consistent with his decorated past, it does not disappoint.

Spitting over a booming production, Soulja Boy takes us on a ride for his origin story. The impactful MC regales listeners with the tale of how a zip served as the foundation for his genesis; it afforded him the financial flexibility to pursue his musical dreams. He goes on to detail how his style and swag are teflon testaments to his superior staying power, and how they suggest that there is no end for Soulja Boy — simply different way points on his ascent up the rap pantheon.

Check out “Zip” below: