SPORTS: Paul Pierce Fined $25,000 For Flashing Gang Signs

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Paul Pierce was  fined $25,000 by the NBA yesterday for making what the league deemed a "menacing gesture."  During Game 3’s loss to the Atlanta Hawks, Al Hortford and Pierce got into after Hortford hit a jumper and stood over Pierce talking trash.  Trash talking between both continued has the teams were going to there benches during the timeout, and that’s when Pierce threw up the "menacing gesture."


  1. I saw this on the game the other night. I can’t understand why a dude that make millions of dollars and lives his life under a microscope would do something like that. I guess he’s going to call his B-Doggs and pull a drive-by on the Atlanta Hawks. Was he throwing his gang sign up when he got stabbed a few years back. Some people say the NBA has an image issue and I sure that didn’t help.

  2. Thats somebullshit,some niggas say smuz allday and they don’t say shit to them.Paul don’t trip that fine at shit stay real and FUCK THOSE CKRAB ass haters. SOOMUTHAFUCKN-WOOP,BLOODS ALL DAY FUCK CKRABS WS PDL I’S up NIGGA.

  3. P is from Inglewood blood set but you know damn well he dont bang He almost got stabbed to death in da club in Boston yet he has adapted Boston Street culture I cant explain it to u if you aint from Boston He threw da three up

  4. Hey u Boston niggas shut da fuCK up please! U niggas gotta hav everything huh? Da nigga thru up da B Fuckboys,i hate P.P. but i Luv da Ru,Family meen more to a nigga then da fuCKn city he play ball in,and dats wut Blood Gang is Family! Soowoop

  5. fUck bOstOn… nIgga pIErcE Iz 4rm InglEwOOD dUmb Ass….lmAO, da nIggA wEnt 2 InglE wOOd hIgh, hE wAz rAIsE n InglEwOOD And AnybOdy On hErE dAtz 4rm cAlI wUld knO dAt nIggA A blOOD………..
    InglewOOD fAmily blOOds,p’s n 3’s gEt dA fUck OUt OUttA hErE…..lmmfAO @ yAll bOstOn nIggAs dAt dnt dO yAll rEsEArch dUmb fUcks……..O’yEA dEy tryIEd 2 rOb dA nIggA And stAbbEd hIm dUmb sOnOfAbItch..lOl


  7. just 2 be clear that shit was NOT a gang sign! its something us niggas in beantown do which represents 3 for da stripes and blood, sweat, and tears i know he from cali and all but if u from boston u would notice during da intro pierce and eddie house do they lil dice game hand shake to represent where they from which happens 2 be CALI so… da nigga pierce is a theTRUTH and the bean is on the muthafuckin map!!

  8. ha ya’ll think shit is sweet, mad niggaz in the nba are gang members, this isn’ golf people, ball cats are street for real. fuck ya’ll suprised for, soundin like suburban white parents and shit. smh.

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