Steve McNair Retires After 13 Seasons

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      McNair intended to finish the 3 year contract with the Ravens but he proposed that he wasn’t physically fit for the position.

     He ended his 13-year career in which he was selected co-MVP, led the Tennessee Titans to the Super Bowl and orchestrated the most successful regular season in the Ravens history. He received a standing ovation from his teammates after revealing his decision, then contained his emotions during a hastily arranged news conference:

“Coming out and making this decision, it was hard, in your mind, you feel like you can play, that you can still compete. But when your mind and your body are not in accord, it’s not going to work in the National Football League.”

“My mind was there. Mentally, I could go out and play. But physically, I couldn’t do it anymore. Not to the capacity that I need to help my teammates win a football game.”





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