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Even while sitting behind bars, Earl Simmons AKA DMX is still pleading he didn’t get into any trouble last year. Hmm now either he has a identical twin or the police departments of various states wasted a whole load of tax payers money chasing his sorry ass (well I guess that really isn’t anything unusual anyway for PDs to do that.) Talking to a AZ radio show from jail, X explained all about his future projects, TV shows, Gospel albums (God is the only one to save him now) and how he misses his kids.
The rapper who was charged with all sorts of crimes last year from identity theft to gun charges to drug charges to animal cruelty was finally captured by cops in MIA after a $5,000 bounty (again tax payers money) was put on his head. X was chilling with Scott Storch when arrested. Apparently we can expect to see production from Scott on this gospel album there have been talks of for the last couple of years.