Stunna 4 Vegas Releases New Single, “Long,” Alongside Official Music Video

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Directed by Reel Goats, featuring a cameo from DaBaby.

Sure, everyone is fawning over DaBaby’s impressive breakout year, one that saw him release two albums, go number-one, and show up on almost everyone’s album, and praising the 27-year-old rapper for putting Carolina rap on the map. And they’re right to be talking about it — after all, DaBaby has had an incredible year. But he’s not the only star emerging from the Carolinas in 2019. 

The “Suge” rapper has also lived up to him omnipresent hit’s name by being somewhat of a mogul himself. One of DaBaby’s close friends, collaborators, and rising artist on his own merit is none other than Stunna 4 Vegas. Stunna has watched his star rise this year off the strength of a well-received project, BIG 4x, and come through with a slew of singles. Today, Big Stunna supplements that swelling list of singles with a new track, “Long.”

Released on the heels of his Offset-assisted single, “Up The Smoke” (November 8th), the Interscope-signed artist keeps his foot on the gas with “Long.” On-brand for both Stunna and DaBaby, “Long” was premiered alongside a Reel Goats-directed video (the production/direction team responsible for all of DaBaby’s beautifully-curated videos), and features his now go-to production aesthetic of deep staccato piano notes and speaker-blowing drums. 

It’s a strategic instrumental move, as the sparsity of the beat allows Stunna to deploy his palpable presence while complementing his “in your face” flow and style.

Watch the “Long” video below: