Styles P Screams On Radio Host: “I’m A Street N*gga And I’m Keeping It Official!”

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Keep my name out your mother*ckin mouth!”  Styles P felt disrespected when he stopped by an internet radio show a few days ago.  When an unknown guest said he’d battle anyone, the host asked, “you’ll battle Styles P?”  This prompted The Ghost to scream on the host for even putting his name in the guest’s mouth.  One thing’s for sure, Style P hasn’t gone soft.  The hardest juice bar proprietor in the game!

On a side note, Styles sat down for a 30 minute interview following the fiasco which you can watch here


  1. Me and my crew met styles in the uk, and dude was acting kind of shook because we wasn't acting like groupies. When the promoter tried to introduce him to niggas, homie just went all funny. And if real recognises real the homie was acting kind of like the bitch niggas he was rolling with. Now dont get me wrong the nigga can rap, but I have a feeling that the ghost knows who to frighten. Dont know if the weed was make him paranoid, but compared with how other rappers have just kept it real when ever we've met them this guy made himself look like a joker.

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