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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Yeah Dallas Austin should apologize for running his mouth the way he did. As somewhat of a professional in the game he should know better than mouthing off like that.  Read his apology in the news section right now.



  1. Yeah, son really put Christina Agullaria out there. I mean, he made a million dollar woman sound like a straight up smut-hore. I was almost hoping he was lying. I mean he said she was smashin off him and his whole team, on some ol one dude a night type jump-off. I use to think she was a hott peice, but she’s like a step above a street walker. Maybe worse because a street hore is working for dough. This bird already has cake. So she is getting smutted for no reason @ all.

    And of all niggaz in the industry, Dallas Austin… he’s like one of those “has been” but never really was type catz. Like one step under Brandy’s lil brother, who’s all mixed up with these white hoes too. B-list celebs. Anything to get some attention.

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