Superho Gets a Record Deal, Tiny Out Making The Money Now

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Tiny Out Making The Money Now

      Turns out Tiny gotta turn her hand to making the cash now while her man is on house arrest. The former Xscape singer is, according to her myspace page, looking for people to partner with her in her travel business. Not sure if myspace is becoming quite as saturated with bs at wikipeida has been as of late…so until I see news from Tiny Travel I wont hold my breath.

Superho Gets a Record Deal

      Damn since when did she develop a voice? Not quite sure whats the funniest..she got a deal or the fact that Eddie Murphy signed her to his label. Hilarious…she gone from selling the ass, to selling the story about selling her ass to selling the clothes she wore while selling her ass (yeah she had her shit for sale on her website) to now singing about selling her ass…now that is branding..and all this from not keeping her legs firmly closed …


  1. y isn’t this 2 topics..
    but yea ima hall @ tiny, she should halla 2 me tho..n wat..RECORD DEALZS they just giving em out now..gimme one. who knowz it may b good.

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