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Swizz Beatz has been handpicked by Hennessy to produce a track to launch their new limited edition drink, Hennessy Black, which will appear on the market in early May. Swizzy was selected by the company because of his ‘love’ for the brand. When talking about the track called When I Step Into the Club Swizz had this to say “It all came together so quickly and organically. Everyone that hears this song can’t get the hook out their heads. It’s contagious!”
50 million bottles of the hard liquor are sold throughout the world each year.


  1. Swizz is a pioneer and now a houch supply. Can competitors take his effort. He’s maybe got artists whuch nobodies touching. Woorking on every platinum album comming up, he’s got influence in like 3 catagories, entertainment, clothes, and now adult consumption.

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