New Music: Action Bronson & Riff Raff – “Blue Jays”

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Action Bronson going over The Alchemist's production is always a win for the hip-hop community. As you may recall, the two have worked together before, notably on the excellent Rare Chandeliers mixtape from a few years back. The MC/producer tandem has returned and this time they've brought the Neon Icon himself, Riff Raff into the fold. Check out the new track "Blue Jays" after the jump.

New Music: RiFF RaFF – “Blue Jays” Feat. Action Bronson (Prod. Alchemist)

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When you get these two jesters out for a party, something crazy's bound to happen right?! Frequent partners Bronson and Jody Highroller pack their images with decadence and obliviousness. For every wild night, there's a memory (or so they flaunt). Check the song after the jump.

Video: Action Bronson – “Easy Rider”

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Action plays West-bound outlaw in his biker savage "Easy Rider." It preens and wanders like Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas over early Wu Tang flows. This is truly his best video, which is hard to say given how creative joints like "Strictly For My Jeeps" are in video form. Check the Harley brigade after the jump.

Video: Action Bronson Interview With Ebro

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Bronson is like the young uncle or cousin you had who was old enough for you to show some respect but young enough to ask for advice on blunt rolling, girls and sneaker fashion. He sits with Ebro to explain his new single "Easy Rider" and his love of gourmet. Video after the jump.

New Music: Fluent – “Medallion” Feat. Action Bronson

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Fluent is cooking up something special for his Supreme Victory release. This lil nugget features Action Bronson and lots of gold chain pendant love. Like it's the 90s all over again, bruh.