Video: Action Bronson – “Easy Rider”

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Action plays West-bound outlaw in his biker savage "Easy Rider." It preens and wanders like Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas over early Wu Tang flows. This is truly his best video, which is hard to say given how creative joints like "Strictly For My Jeeps" are in video form. Check the Harley brigade after the jump.

New Music: Metta World Peace – “I’m The Best”

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As much as no one wants this to be Metta World Peace making a rap song saying he's the best, this is Metta World Peace making a rap song saying he's the best. Listen to track after the jump.

Video: ILoveMakonnen – “Club Going Up On A Tuesday”

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This is what future music should sound like. ILoveMakkonen has the best new style and a strange name that shows how much he loves himself. A good message for the kids. He takes the robot singing of Future and T-Pain, darts to the Trap, and drags it through a muddy trail of intoxication. He is what would happen if all raps were sung, and what that would mean about the words you hear. His new video after the jump.

Shootin The Gif: Why “Nosetalgia” Is Video Of The Year

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you wanna see a dead body? it turns out, they can't kill kenny. even after calling out the ten-years-his-senior rapper, King Push, on "Control," kendrick lamar and your favorite drug dealer's favorite rapper still managed to produce one of hip-hop's most powerful collabs in a Toronto minute.

Why Kanye West Interviews Are The Best Thing Ever

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kanye west gives the best interviews of all time. OF ALL TIME! just when you think he's gone into hiding for good, that the president throwing dirt on his name might permanently relegate him to begrudging exile, that a n*gga might be better off in Paris, he emerges more defiant than the last time.