Looks Like Hip-Hop Won The VMAs For All Time

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Bey-Z rises from the rubble unscathed. Amber Rose pulls a J-Lo with her almost-not-a-dress. Nicki pulls her dress together by seams. RiFF RaFF, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift play their positions clumsily and look really and truly not cool bruh. Check the pics and videos after the jump.

Video: Is This Jay Z’s Side Chick Taking Shots At Beyoncé Over An Outkast Beat?

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Either Hov has some extracurricular friends who are getting waaaaaaay out of pocket or this broad cray. We like to think it's both but the evidence won't skew in one direction. She doesn't use her own name to boost this track's profile, so we won't either. "Mrs. Carter" is the scream from the abyss of fifteen lost minutes of fame infamy. This is a blow to the Main Chicks and Wifey party. One it may not ever bounce back from. Video after the jump.

New Music: Beyoncé – “Flawless” Remix Feat. Nicki Minaj

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Maybe the two most important women in hip hop and R&B on a track, one being the Queen. The universe opened up for this remix. Yonce also talks her sh*t about the elevator incident. Thank a higher power and listen after the jump.

7 Best Husbands For Beyoncé After Dumping Jay Z

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To the left, to the left. Sending off Hov in a yacht to the left. According to TMZ and HuffPost and about 10,000 sweaty fans, Beyoncé modified the lyrics to her song "Resentment" to call out Jay Z for cheating. This is the moment thirst vacuums and Hov haters have been waiting for: the divorce that makes Beyoncé single again. But all you 9-to-5ers and basic hood vendors can say goodbye to the dream that never was. Bey ain't marrying you. We came up with a list of chaps she might give a second glance once Team Yonce and handlers review. Hit the jump and click through.

Jay-Z and Beyonce’s “On The Run” Tour To Become Second Most Successful of All-Time

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Recent controversy aside, Jay-Z and Beyonce's “On The Run” tour (beginning this week in Miami) is on track to become the second most successful tour of all-time (based on per show gross revenue) according to Forbes: “With a week to go until the opening show in Miami’s SunLife Stadium the tour is on pace to sell almost 1 million tickets, and gross close to $100 million.”

Jay Z & Beyonce Announce Dates For ‘On The Run’ Tour

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The Carters have officially announced their joint summer tour, which will kick off June 25th in MIA and wrap up August 5 in the Bay Area. Hit the jump for the full list of tour dates as well as ticket information.