New Music: Big Grams (Big Boi x Phantogram) – “Fell in the Sun”

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Yesterday we shared the news that Big Boi of OutKast will be joining Phantogram, a duo he discovered via a pop-up ad. The trio, known simply as Big Grams, will be dropping an EP on September 25th via Epic. It'll feature Run the Jewels and Skrillex. And today they're sharing "Fell in the Sun," the first teaser from the project. It's a fine number; there's a funky backdrop with thick drums, and Big Boi rapping like Pimp C, kinda. The hook, sung by Sarah Barthel of Phantogram, is serviceable, but is ultimately missing a lil' something extra to put it over for a win. Overall, this is a decent first showing from Big Grams. But, we're all patiently waiting the arrival of the Run the Jewels cut, which should happen any day now. Peep "Fell in the Sun" after the jump.

Big Boi Announce Big Grams EP; Featuring Run the Jewels and Skrillex

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Big Boi is teaming up with a group simply known as Phantogram, who Boi allegedly discovered on a pop-up ad. Interesting. The trio of Big Boi and Phantogram (Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel) is slated to release their debut project, an EP, entitled Big Grams. The track list is short, as expected with an EP, but it features two huge acts: Run the Jewels and Skrillex. Polarizing features, I know. But you'll be giving this a shot once it drops on September 25th via Epic. Check out the track listing after the jump, folks.

10 Rare TV Cameos Of Rap Stars

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Countless rappers have made it big on the silver screen including LL Cool J, T.I and Ice T. Others have made cameos on sitcoms, dramas and the occasional sci-fi show. Here is a list of some of our favorite hip hop artists t.v. cameos.