New Music: Wiz Khalifa – “Sleaze” (Remix) Feat. Smoke DZA

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Wiz Khalifa's Blacc Hollywood cut "Sleaze" receives a remix from Smoke DZA. Smoke DZA's supergroup R.F.C.'s The Outsiders album is now available via iTunes, get it here. Listen to DZA's remix of "Sleaze" after the jump.

Video: Wiz Khalifa – “James Bong”

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Whatever you've been reading about Wiz Khalifa's personal life as of late is irrelevant the second you listen to his music. And the timing for the visual release of the 28 Grams cut "James Bong" reinforces that, as we catch Wiz in the lo-fi VHS-style video smoking, chilling, and seemingly having a great time. Watch the video for "James Bong" after the jump.

Album Review: Wiz Khalifa – Blacc Hollywood

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Do you hate surprises? Then Wiz Khalifa's the artist for you! Before you press play, you already know he's gonna cover turning up in the club, weed, how much money he's made, weed, fly b*tches, and last but not least, weed. Full review by CFor after the jump.

New Music: Wiz Khalifa – “On Me” Feat. Jeezy

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"On Me" is a Jeezy song with Wiz sort of hosting it for his album. This is a new trend in album construction: where an artist leases a style for his work, so to draw the guest artist's crowd and effects. Collab after the jump.

Video: Wiz Khalifa Interview With The Breakfast Club

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Blacc Hollywood Wiz stops in at New York's hip hop hub. He explains the musical approach (channeling Prince and MJ) as well as the weirdo element that's evolved his albums. Also, why Tyga's not on his tour. Video after the jump.

New Music: Wiz Khalifa – “You And Your Friends” Feat. Snoop Dogg & Ty Dolla $ign

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Ty Dolla $ign and Wiz want to grab her and her friends to bring the party to Snoop's house. Snoop really really shouldn't be awake at this hour but what the hell, right? Surprised this didn't come out earlier in the summer to get some Memorial Day and 4th of July burn, though it's still a good preview of what Blacc Hollywood will sound like.