Tattoo Fail Of The Day 6.8.11

10 years ago view-show 8,108,694
If you`re going to get a tattoo of you holding your ET baby why must you insist on having the "Aeropostale" tatted on your shirt?

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 6.6.11

10 years ago view-show 20,486,268
Yet another tattoo that screams daddy failed or walking STD, either way same thing.

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.20.11

10 years ago view-show 2,369,466
Um I get the hell reference but if thats a tail then why is it coming from her crotch?

Tattoo Fail Of The Day 5.16.11

10 years ago view-show 11,935,638
This guy couldn't figure out if he wanted to get a James Brown Tattoo, Incredible Hulk Tattoo, Batman Tattoo or Wu-Tang Tattoo so he got all of them one.