New Music: Cassidy – “Running Out of Patience”

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So I just read on Miss Info that Cassidy is now officially a man of God and plans to release an album consisting entirely of family-oriented jams? What? Is this April 1st? What is going on here? This is especially perplexing giving his recent output containing some, well, less than "positive" family-friendly vibes. Now Cass is sharing another street rap track in "Running Out of Patience," which is actually kinda dope. Peep it after the jump!

New Music: Cassidy – “Oh My Freestyle” feat. Chubby Jag

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Cassidy reworks Boogie's "Oh My" from his The Reach mixtape. Cass is joined by Chubby Jag for a freestyle of "Oh My" which can heard after the jump. Sure, it's been a minute since you've heard Cassidy but he and collaborator Chubby Jag do their thing. Check it!

New Music: Cassidy – “Who Gone Help Me”

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There's been a whole lot of existentialism within hip-hop as of late and I must say it's a welcome topic for songs. And the most recent rapper taking on self is Philly's premiere battle rapper, Cassidy. In "Who Gone Help Me" Cass can only help Cass, no one else. Check out Cassidy's "Who Gone Help Me" after the jump.

New Music: Cassidy & Murda Mook – “Boyz In the Hood”

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Cassidy and Murda Mook have had an illustrious career in hip-hop, primarily in the battle circuit. The two are sworn adversaries and have traded blows for years but on the Dolla Bill Kidz produced "Boyz In the Hood" we find Cass and Mook in a rare side-by-side moment. Listen to "Boyz In the Hood" after the jump.

New Music: GOODZ Sends Shots at Cassidy on “Bird N***a”

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For those unfamiliar with GOODZ he is a battle rapper who has a bit of a history with Cassidy. GOODZ battled Cassidy years ago and like all battle emcees the two went back and forth over who won. And in recent news, GOODZ and Cass had a heated exchange on stage during Summer Madness 4. Word is, from those whom attended, GOODZ challenged Cass right on the spot but Cassidy turned down the battle instantaneously. Fast forward to a few days ago with Cassidy dropping "Mr. Chicken", a track aimed at a select few battle rappers. One of those battle rappers happened to be... you guessed it... his arch nemesis GOODZ. That has prompted GOODZ to fire back with "Bird N***a". Curious to hear what GOODZ had to say about Cass? Listen after the jump.

New Music: Cassidy – “Hot N***a” (Freestyle)

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Yep, another "Hot N***a" freestyle/remix. We're aware you are probably as sick of these as we are, especially given that Ludacris perhaps delivered the best "Hot N***a" freestyle/remix yet thus putting the nail in the proverbial coffin. We are proposing that the rap game officially retire this track. But in case you were curious what Cassidy would do with Bobby Shmurda's track he went ahead and delivered a freestyle/remix. Listen after the jump.

New Music: Cassidy – “Mr. Chicken”

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Make no mistake, Cassidy is a pure spitter. Thirteen years removed from his now infamous freestyle battle with fellow Philadelphian Freeway (Cassidy was 19-years-old at the time), Cass is still a renowned and feared opponent whenever it comes to battling. And that's precisely where we find Cassidy on "Mr. Chicken", a complete smack-talking track that serves as a preface for his upcoming battle against Dizaster. Again, Cass is a pure spitter be it in the ring or in the booth. Listen after the jump.

Cassidy, Trey Songz Respond to Nicki Minaj

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We reported over the weekend about the backlash Nicki Minaj incurred because of her choice of cover art for the song “Lookin A*s N*ggas” from her forthcoming album The Pink Print. After removing the cover art and offering an apology to the offended parties you would think Nicki was in the clear and the discussion would turn to whether her song was actually good or not. However, it appears that Young Money’s First Lady will have no such luck.