Video: Lil B Talks With CNN’s Brooke Baldwin; Discusses Race & Politics

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Berkeley rapper Lil B is no stranger to the media -- he's been documented quite extensively as of late; he's been involved in some hilarious "beefs" with NBA player Kevin Durant and most recently James Harden. Lil B, however, is also knowledgeable when it comes to politics. And judging from his recent appearance on CNN, Lil B is well versed in current issues as well as his American history. During his brief appearance on CNN, Lil B discussed his support for Bernie Sanders, for Black Lives Matter, and being 100% against cursing Hillary Clinton. Check it out after the jump.

T.I. & Kap G Discuss Police Brutality on CNN

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After T.I. and David Banner jumped on Kap G's "La Policia" remix they were invited onto CNN to discuss police brutality with correspondent, Don Lemon. During their discussion Kap G goes on to recount an incident a couple years ago when he was racially profiled and unjustly searched by a police officer, and how it inspired him to write "Policia." Check out the full discussion on police brutality with T.I. and Kap G after the jump.

Waka Flocka Flame on Racist Chant: “I Was Disgusted”

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Waka Flocka Flame’s “disgust” over the actions displayed in Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s (SAE) viral clip has prompted the rapper to cancel his April concert at the University of Oklahoma. In addition to Waka responding to SAE’s offensive behavior earlier this week via an Instagram post, he appeared in an interview with CNN’s Brianna Keilar on Tuesday to share more of his thoughts. “My initial reaction when I seen the video, I was more like hurt. More like disgusted, because I knew those kids, I performed for those kids,” the Atlanta rapper said in reference to a 2014 concert at the university. “They made me feel like a brother. Just to see what a person does behind closed doors was more disgusting than hurting. I wasn’t angry, I was just disgusted.” Check out the full interview between Waka Flocka Flame and CNN after the jump.

Video: Dizzy Wright – “State Of Mind”

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The revolution will not be YouTubed but this is a good example of simple media critique. Dizzy sounds less ornery than skeptical, making a point to underline perspective shift in "State Of Mind." Check the video for the first joint off his album after the jump.

Hypothetical Question: Why Can’t Nas Smile?

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CNN recently crowned Nas the greatest lyricist of all time. Who knows why CNN decided to throw their hat in that ring? Maybe Anderson Cooper is dating a fan of Nas. Maybe Ted Turner misses having Nas as a tennis buddy in Atlanta and is hoping that flattery will be as persuasive as Kelis’ milkshake to get him back. The most likely reason is that Nas’ lyrics just sound more like the news than anyone else's. If you enjoy listening to a sociology class lecture, and equally enjoy weaker beat selections, then Nas is the rapper for you.