Video: Common – Sway In The Morning Interview & Freestyle

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Watch this clip and tell me Common isn't still -- after 20 years -- one of the best rap artists who can freestyle spontaneous verses at the drop of a beat. The lengthy interview is respect due to the Chi-town legend, who's making the press rounds for his 10th album Nobody's Smiling, and the freestyle is at the very end. Check the video after the jump.

New Music: Common – “The Neighborhood” Feat. Lil Herb & Cocaine 80s

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Common's Nobody's Smiling is soon to be released. "The Neighborhood" follows a familiar series of Common tropes: poems about his romance with the ghetto, fables about street heroes and villains, an R&B singer in the mix. This is a terrific indication that Rashid is back to his roots as the capital-C Conscious rapper, and will save the truly sweet stuff for the next project.

Video: Common Says Beef With Drake Was “Emotional” & Over Ex Serena Williams

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Here's Common keeping it very real about the fact that Drake body slammed his career by sending subliminal shots about former boo-piece and tennis great Serena Williams. The rap vet got in his feelings as Drake swam around in his superstar sweetheart. But are things all resolved now? Was Drake with her shooting in the gym? Check the video after the jump.

New Music: Common – “Speak My Piece”

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Figured Drake had put the old head to rest with the Serena shots but here go Common. Nah but respect due to The Artist Formerly Known As Kufi for getting his life together, misogyny in check, and musical mission in order. One of the best to ever do it, he had been unfairly derailed by every bad Hollywood script thrown his way. Welcome back, Rashid. Listen after the jump.

New Music: Common – “Kingdom” (feat. Vince Staples) (prod No I.D.)

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Before we get to see the Hype Williams directed video for the latest single off of Common's 10th studio album, we get to hear the song itself.  Featuring a guest appearance by fellow label mate, Vince Staples, "Kingdom" is laced by Chicago beatsmith No I.D.