New Music: Vic Spencer – “Dick Jerkins” (Mick Jenkins Diss)

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We're certainly no strangers to rap beefs and diss records. In fact, there's really never a shortage of them. But, unlike the content generating, globally realized, and media blitzing of the Drake/Meek Mill beef from a month back, this Vic Spencer/Mick Jenkins beef is kinda lame. I mean, it all started with yet another Twitter spat. Cool. (Apparently Vic had some choice words for a Chicago venue, The East Room, and Mic took issue with that.) Now, these talented Chi-Town emcees are embroiled in a beef. But I can't say I'm all that impressed with this "Dick Jerkins" track. While Vic certainly has bars for days, the constant beat switch-ups here (along with the cringe-inducing song title) just doesn't cut it in the end. No response from Mic Jenkins just yet. However, we're not entirely sure that'll even be necessary. In the meantime, peep Vic Spencer's "Dick Jerkins" diss record after the jump.

New Music: Meek Mill – “Wanna Know” (Drake Diss)

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Meek Mill -- a rapper who seemingly found paradise in record sales and critical acclaim courtesy of his highly-anticipated sophomore album, Dreams Worth More Than Money -- has sadly been embroiled in a beef... or feud... whatever you wanna call it, with the biggest name of 'em all, Drake. Drake has already sent out an arsenal of ammunition Meek's way (byway of "Charged Up" and "Back to Back") and now it appears as though Meek is finally ready for a response with "Wanna Know." Unfortunately this wasn't a hot diss track, no matter which way you cut it, and the world knows it. In case you were wondering what "Wanna Know" sounds like go and get at it after the jump.

New Music: Drake – “Back to Back” (New Meek Mill Diss)

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Drake is back with his barrel still aimed at Meek Mill. This time he's using "Back to Back" to go directly at Meek -- slandering the rapper's name and proving that Drizzy is the best in the game. In case "Charged Up," the previous diss track was a little too soft for you then Drake's got some serious ammunition in his cannon for "Back to Back." Basically: Don't fuck with Drake. Let's see if we can get a Meek Mill response. Check out "Back to Back" after the jump.

New Music: Drake Drops Meek Mill Response Tracks “Charged Up” & “Cha Cha”

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So a lot has happened within the last 48 hours or so -- let us catch you up to speed. What seemed like a normal installment of "OVO Sound Radio" on iTunes, Drake's show on Apple Music's Beats 1 radio station, soon turned into an all out assault on Meek Mill. During the program, Drake premiered three new tracks: "Charged Up", "You Used To" (a remix of D.R.A.M.'s "Cha Cha"), and "Right Hand". "Charged Up" is rumored to be a response to Mill who sent out some nasty tweets Drake's way over the weekend -- mostly targeting his lyrical content which he believes have been "ghostwritten". The particular song in question, "R.I.C.O." is on Mill's newest album, Dreams Worth More Than Money. You can listen to both "Charged Up" and "Cha Cha" after the jump. Let us know what you think of the Drake/Meek Mill fiasco, as well.

New Music: OG Maco – “Fat F**k” (Key! Diss)

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OG Maco, the Atlanta rapper behind the viral hit "U Guessed It", is going at the featured artist on the aforementioned track (as well as collaborator on him Give 'Em Hell project) on his latest track bluntly (and harshly) titled "Fat F**k". Pretty cruel. Apparently Maco and Key! still work on a professional level but are at odds on a personal level. Interesting. Listen to the supposed Key! diss from OG Maco after the jump.

New Music: GOODZ Sends Shots at Cassidy on “Bird N***a”

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For those unfamiliar with GOODZ he is a battle rapper who has a bit of a history with Cassidy. GOODZ battled Cassidy years ago and like all battle emcees the two went back and forth over who won. And in recent news, GOODZ and Cass had a heated exchange on stage during Summer Madness 4. Word is, from those whom attended, GOODZ challenged Cass right on the spot but Cassidy turned down the battle instantaneously. Fast forward to a few days ago with Cassidy dropping "Mr. Chicken", a track aimed at a select few battle rappers. One of those battle rappers happened to be... you guessed it... his arch nemesis GOODZ. That has prompted GOODZ to fire back with "Bird N***a". Curious to hear what GOODZ had to say about Cass? Listen after the jump.

New Music: C-Murder – All I Wanted 2 Be Was a Soldier Master P Diss”

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Here's something I bet you weren't expecting. The 43-year-old incarcerated New Orleans rapper C-Murder has released what appears to be a diss track aimed at none other than his brother, Master P. The track, fittingly entitled "All I Wanted 2 Be Was a Soldier Master P Diss", finds C-Murder pinning himself as "the black sheep" and having some choice words for his older brother. “I’m having dreams that my brother’s trying to kill me and steal me / Now why this ni**a hate the real C / After the mills we still supposed to keep it gully / I went to jail and he barely said he didn’t love me" bluntly raps Murder. C-Murder clearly doesn't mince words for anybody under any circumstance and there's a lot more that he has to say to Master P. Check it out for yourself after the jump.

Video: Childish Gambino Says He Will “Kill” Kendrick, Drake & Schoolboy Q

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As if this headline weren't ridiculous enough, watch the footage of Donald Glover a.k.a. Childish Gambino acting...well, childish. This is all part of a performance meant to hype a crowd in Sydney, Australia and to live precisely in a moment. But, the actor-turned-rapper is often so caught up in his own internet self-awareness (i.e. titling last year's proper debut Because The Internet) that it's hard to believe this was all spontaneous. What does he stand to gain from name-dropping? Check the video after the jump.

New Music: Wale – “Followers”

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As he outlined in his IG reply to Meek, Wale is just a nerdy fashion guy. No big deal. On this rock-riff spicy single "Followers" he talks about how hard it is to understand him especially if you're a fan. Listen after the jump.

Video: Lil B – “Rick Ross” (Quavo from Migos Diss)

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Months after his bizarre Kevin Durant diss, Lil B releases this song "Rick Ross," another drive down the quirky path of an ironic emcee. Apparently, he has some issue with Quevos (of Migos) stealing his style and not recognizing that he is "rich like Riss Ross." That's most of what I could understand from this jumble of sounds. Track after the jump.